The Territory - The Place We Call Home

Whether it’s raising a family, fast-tracking your career, running a business, camping in the bush, barbecuing by the beach, watching a sunset or gazing at stars, there’s plenty of reasons why we love this place we call home.

Home has never been more important to us all after the unusual year we’ve had. The safe, vibrant and welcoming Northern Territory has become a haven not only for Territorians, but also those who have returned home to be near family, and those who looked north, saw something better and chose to make the Territory home.

While home means different things to each of us, the laid-back lifestyle of the Territory, our ancient Aboriginal culture, important cultural sites, adventure experiences, diverse wildlife, and the stunning natural landscape on our doorstep makes for a heady mix to keep us here.

Nature therapy doesn’t get much better than in the NT, which is quirky and creative, from the bustling capital city of Darwin to our outback towns and communities full of characters and diversity. It’s also home for more than 246,000 people from 100 different nationalities.

Above all, whether you’re a die-hard local, have returned here, or recently moved here, the Territory is the place to settle with our families and pets, reunite with friends, make new ones and enjoy the simple things in a relaxed, carefree way. It’s the place to build memories alongside a business or a new career.

There's a certain feeling – something magical – here that truly makes you appreciate the beauty around you. The Territory leaves its mark on everybody. It’s why so many of us call this place home.

On 1 July why not share what makes the Territory home for you. Take a snap or film a video to upload onto social media using the hashing #WhyTerritoryIsHome

Jaanika Photo

Jaanika Maettikas

When Estonian Jaanika Maettikas first came to Australia in 2011 to live out her Home and Away dream she planned to work and travel all around the country. But the moment she arrived in Darwin after a brief stint in Perth, she fell in love with the place and didn’t venture any further. “Darwin has…

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Grant Dewsbury

“Darwin is home for me. My family and my friends are here, and I love the outdoorsy, laidback lifestyle.”
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Daniel Whyte

“You can take the boy out of the Territory, but I’ve realised you can’t take the Territory out of the boy.”
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Henrietta Booth

“It’s strange. I’m a born-and-bred city girl, living in Sydney and Melbourne all my life. I was never the outdoorsy type, but a new me seemed to emerge in the Territory.”
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Maureen O’Keefe

“My family lived a bush life and I grew up sitting around the campfire listening to stories, funny and sad, and sometimes scary. I don’t want those stories to disappear.”
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Rachel Thomson and Shaun Gilbert

“We love living in the Territory. It’s in our souls.”
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Baz Ledwidge

“It’s less crazy these days, but you still have the freedom to be who you want to be in the Territory. It’s why I love it so much.”
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Darlene Chin

“There’s no pretentiousness here. You are accepted and the welcome is just as warm as the weather.”
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Paul Palmer

“Our roots are deep in the Territory. There are now five generations of our Territory family.”
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Trent de With

“I love this freedom that you have in the Territory. My partner and I travelled round the world for nearly two years, experiencing other place and cultures, but this is where we want to be.”
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Kate Foran

“Throughout my time here I have come across so many welcoming and community-minded people with big golden hearts. Their generosity of spirit is incredible.”
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Clint Cruickshank

“My mate told me ‘you’ll just love the place’ and, yep, as soon as I arrived that was the end of me … I went back to Perth, sold what I didn’t need, packed up my tools of the trade as a wall and floor tiler and within five months bought a one-way ticket to the NT.”
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Patrick Heenan

“I was losing parts of myself being down there (in Melbourne), especially with languages. It was important for me to come back and do more for my community.”
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Gabrielle Sol-Dukic

“After our first Territory Day we felt like Territorians and that we had come home. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”
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Sharon Jennings

“One of the things I love about the Territory is that everyone is happy to help out, lend a hand.”
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Sanjukta Ghosh

“There is a space for everyone up here in the Territory. People can be who they want to be and do what they want. Living here is like an all-encompassing hug.”
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Kim Farrar

“The Territory is an amazing place to be because it doesn’t matter where you come from and what your background is, the people here will accept you and give you a shot.”
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Tim Hema

“I may move around a bit if the opportunity arises, but I’ll never cross the border to live outside the Territory.”
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Tikesa Docherty-Cole

“Friends and family play a large part in why I love the Territory.”
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Alex Werner

“We liked the idea of our kids growing up and understanding the true sense of another culture, and to realise the world is a much bigger place than the suburbs of Melbourne.”
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Amy Hetherington

“Now they’re all living here, Territory Day is a symbol of our family being in one place together and calling this place home.”
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Stephen Lomas

“Moving here was a great opportunity for me to continue in a job I really enjoy and for us to start a new life … We’ve all thrived in the Territory.”
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Wayne Kraft

“Living here has been one of the great blessings of my life. I’m proud to say I’m a Territorian.”
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Shellie Morris

“My heart, my soul, is there in the Territory – always.”
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Jerusha Harper-Ceylani

“We have been truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place. There is so much to experience and see and do. Why live anywhere else?”
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Georges Bureau

“It’s been such a remarkable opportunity to learn from the (Aboriginal) artists as well as help them improve their skills. The personalities of the people living here is a huge drawcard for me.”
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