Ruth Woerle on the left with the beaming smile and soul!She I was born in Darwin 61 years ago and has continued to live lived and work in the Territory all her life. She has raised 4 daughters (with her husband a local retired ranger)all living in the NT. She has been my very dear friend since I met her in a working capacity 30 years ago. She is has been caring for her elderly 91 year old mother ( whom worked and lived in the territory as a missionary in Maningrida) in her own home along with the help of her Husband. She also cares for her mother Inlaw whom lives in a dwelling next her home. She is the kindest, caring and most giving person I have had the honour to call my friend. She couldn't be anymore deserving of such a gift as a luxury get away. She has made my life and that of all she knows and worked with and cared for in so many capacity. She truely makes the Territory a better place . The territory runs through her veins and is the keeper of so many amazing stories of her life and history of her in the Territory. Photo taken at Gurig National park NT