Ange is a mum of four, a personal trainer, a singer, and the owner of multiple businesses. She is also my best friend. She spends every single day making others lives better - she owns a gym and cafe in Yarrawonga and dedicates her life to the members of her gym - pushing us to become the best versions of ourselves. She is a known singer around Darwin and has been present at many weddings, parties, and pubs- gifting us all with her beautiful voice. She has an incredible way of making every person in the room feel special. I witness her give so much of herself to others - whether it be a shoulder to cry on, or words of encouragement, or simply just by cheering someone on- she has changed the lives of countless Darwinites through the welcoming, vibrant gym space she owns (ARC Fitness), and also through what she gives back to the community with her singing. We are so lucky to have her in our lives, and Darwin is so lucky to have her as a thriving, motivated businesswomen who is providing an incredible, inclusive gym and cafe for our use. I could not do life without her.