Territory Day banner, 1 July 2018, #territoryday

Let the Territorian out and show your pride

If you wish to support Territory Day or are interested to create some merchandise in your business, we have put together this handy guide below with some flags and bunting that you can get printed.

Logo Use license.

The Territory Day logo is the distinguishable mark of Territory Day as owned by the Northern Territory Government.

Express permission is given to download the logo and other promotional assets provided below.

At no time is reference to the Northern Territory Government to be made and use of the logo does not imply endorsement, sponsorship or affiliation in any way.

By downloading and using any asset, you acknowledge that you will abide by all copyright legislation and only use the assets in good faith to promote Territory Day in a respectable manner. At no time may any of the assets be used in a manner that is deemed derogatory or offensive in any manner.

The Northern Territory Government reserves the right to remove the logo use license at any time. Should you be requested to remove the logo or promotional item, you are required to do so within three business days. The Northern Territory Government will not be responsible or held accountable for any financial loss should the logo use license be revoked.

The NT Flag

Use of the NT flag is encouraged and you may use an image of the NT flag for advertising or promotional purposes, but you first need to get approval from the Chief Minister.

The NT flag is protected by the Flag and Emblem Act 1985, and can only be reproduced in full colour using the official colours of the Territory - black, white and red ochre (PMS 159).

It should only be displayed in a 2:1 ratio and you can’t be re-scaled or manipulated it in any way that changes its original dimensions.
To get approval you can send a request to the Chief Minister at chief.minister@nt.gov.au or the Director of Protocol NT at protocol.DCM@nt.gov.au.

Full details about the NT Flag can be viewed at https://nt.gov.au/about-government/the-nt-flag/nt-flag-colours-and-designs

Territory Day Logo

Below are downloadable versions of the Territory Day logo for use, in accordance with the Logos Use License above.

Territory Day logo formats

  1. Territory Day Logo .eps EPS, 1828.03 KB
  2. Territory Day Logo .pdf PDF, 800.96 KB
  3. Territory Day Logo .jpg JPG, 644.85 KB
  4. Territory Day Logo .png PNG, 18.46 KB

NT Hand Waving Flag

Below is an artwork file the can be printed by various local suppliers, for a small hand waving paper flag.
The flag dimensions are 200mm wide x 185mm high.

Download the artwork file here. PDF, 108.16 KB


There are two types of bunting artwork. A triangle and rectangle style bunting.

Triangle Bunting 200mm x 300mm - The triangle bunting displays the Territory Day, It’s Our Day logo only.

Download the artwork file here. PDF, 1023.3 KB

Rectangle Bunting 200mm x 300mm - The rectangle bunting is available as the Territory Day, It’s Our Day logo only, and also alternating as the Territory Day logo and the NT Flag.

Download the Territory Day artwork file here. PDF, 766.12 KB
Download the Territory Day and NT Flag artwork file here. PDF, 866.75 KB